BC Métis Federation and North Saanich Michif Society Work Together to Support Family in Need

(Victoria, BC) The BC Métis Federation has continued efforts to reinvest resources into the Métis communities who have agreed to sign a Statement of Cooperation. There are currently six (6) Statements of Cooperation organizations signed with a number of others under negotiations.

In December 2011 the BC Métis Federation leaders approved an investment of $200.00 per Statement of Cooperation signatory to be used to support these organizations during the holiday season. BC Métis Federation provided a cover letter with a cheque encouraging the leaders to support Métis families in need or host a community gathering.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “We have stated that the BC Métis Federation will support communities and families first. Our investments in December were a first step along this path and we intend to support these priorities in the future. It is the right thing to do and must be a priority for Métis leaders in BC.”

North Saanich Michif Society Vice President Richard Lucier-larsen stated; “The Christmas cheque for $200.00 from the BCMF was suggested to go to a Métis family in need. As the acting President of the North Saanich Michif Society the task fell to me to arrange that. As such I consulted with our members in the Southern part of Vancouver Island , our new group from Campbell River (ex members of the North Island Métis Association), our Gulf Island members and of course our absent President Indiana (presently living in Quatar busily enlarging the Métis Nation) about how to invest these resources from the BC Métis Federation.”

Acting President Lucier-larsen added; “My directions were to get with it and do what the BCMF wished.

About 2 weeks ago there was a short story in the Times Colonist about a lady, Carmen Chapdelaine, when asked for her Christmas wishes said “A nice pair of steel toed work boots , as she had been offered work if she had steel toed boots”. After donating the cheque in December to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund they indicated she has already received her boots. Therefore the $200.00 was donated for the Times Colonist Christmas Fund as a thank you for ensuring that the lady received her Christmas wish.”

Acting President Lucier-larsen concluded; “The picture of the lady was definitely a Aboriginal and the name occurs in our family tree. We wish her well in her new job and thank the Times Colonist News for stepping up to make that possible. Our community was proud to support this.”

Background – Times Colonist Story

Boots would make a big difference – By Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist December 3, 2011

Carmen Chapdelaine knows what she wants for Christmas – a pair of steel-toed boots. What may sound like an unorthodox gift makes perfect sense to the 43-year-old Sooke resident because it represents hope.

If the mother of two boys, Jesse, 11, and Dylan, 17, can obtain a pair of women’s size-8 safety boots she will be able to accept an offer of employment.

Having a job would be the best Christmas gift she can wish for.

“I just need to come up with about $120,” says Chapdelaine. “It will make all the difference.”

Her partner Bill Connell has worked as a carpenter and journeyman roofer. But he has been unable to work for a year and a half because of side-effects from chemotherapy treatment in a battle against a blood-related disease.

Chapdelaine was working in Edmonton but quit her job and moved back to Victoria to look after her husband when he became ill. Since then, her father-inlaw’s health has also taken a turn for the worse and he is currently in the intensive care unit of hospital.

A job will go a long way to improve the family’s living conditions – the family of four has to share a one bedroom trailer with the kitchen’s propane oven as the structure’s only source of heat.

“It’s been a tough year,” she says.

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