BC Metis Federation and Province Entering Negotiations

British Columbia Human Rights TribunalThe BC Metis Federation is advising members and community partners that an early settlement meeting has been negotiated in an attempt to resolve the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

The Provincial Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and Ministry of Children and Family Development and representatives of the BC Metis Federation will meet with the mediator appointed by the BC Human Rights Tribunal in October.

BC Metis Federation is pleased that the Provincial Government wants to consider a negotiation process as a means to resolve this serious situation. In light of the recent Senate Report on Metis identity “time is of the essence”.

BC Metis Federation leaders will continue to advise the membership of next steps and the negotiations and progress will be updated subject to agreements reached. BC Metis Federation is cautiously optimistic but understands this matter is far from resolved and each day Metis people across British Columbia are being discriminated by industry and program access as the Province and MNBC have held a position that you have to be one of their card carrying members, contrary to what the recent Senate Report now concluded. We will continue to insist the early settlement meeting date is pushed forward but are preparing for the October date.

Watch the BC Metis Federation website for the updated information

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BC-Human-Rights-Tribunal-Letter-June-11-2013-1.pdf” style=”download”]BC Human Rights Tribunal Letter June 11, 2013[/ilink]

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