BC Métis Federation Announces New Housing-Homelessness Project

BC Métis Federation (BCMF) is pleased to announce a new capacity project titled Métis at Home. This project is made possible through The Social Planning and Research Council of B.C. (SPARC BC) and Community Action Grants.

Métis peoples in BC are some of the most underrepresented and marginalized peoples in BC. Initial, incomplete data suggests mixed-ancestry peoples suffer from homelessness, housing insecurity. 

In this one year capacity project, BCMF seeks to lay a foundation for membership and partner communities to respond to issues or initiatives on housing/homelessness by conducting their own community based research.

BCMF will announce additional details of the project shortly. 

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To keep informed and learn more about our teams, current projects and methodology including terrestrial studies with local researchers to recover lost history and memory of Metis within knowledge partnerships, have a look at the Community-based Research Portal 

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