BC Métis Federation Applauds Decision to Re-Establish Human Rights Commission in BC

(Vancouver, BC) BC Métis Federation was invited to the announcement by Premier John Horgan and the NDP Government today as the Government announced the immediate re-establishment of the BC Human Rights Commission. British Columbia was the only Province of Territory without the Human Rights Commission which has more strength and authority than the current BC Human Rights Tribunal.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Our organization welcomes this decision and the words spoken by Premier Horgan. He spoke about the importance of our collective work in this Province to fight discrimination, racism, sexism and other institutional challenges in our society.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “I was able to spend a few minutes reinforcing that this new direction is important for the BC Métis Federation. The current Métis policy by the former British Columbia Provincial Government was only through one window with the Métis Nation BC. This policy was and is not currently based on law. Freedom of association rights is fundamental to the Canadian Constitution protection under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Given this important matter and their support to recognize systemic issues, I stressed the importance of meeting with Provincial Minister Honourable Scott Fraser, Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation to address how to broaden and ensure inclusion for the Métis in British Columbia. We need to fight for the rights of our members including Métis child SS who still deserves justice and was a worst example of what can unfold with poor Métis engagement policies.”

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