BC Métis Federation Attends Community Meeting in Dawson Creek

(Dawson Creek, BC) The BC Métis Federation was invited to attend a community led organized meeting arranged in Dawson Creek last night. The community meeting was held at a new native housing complex facility and there were almost 40 community members who attended. There is growing frustration in Dawson Creek as another alleged Métis organization is purporting to represent Métis people in Dawson Creek, namely the North East Métis Association (NEMA). Apparently NEMA has not been functional for some time and a recent corporate search indicated NEMA was no longer a society in good standing.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This was an excellent meeting. BC Métis Federation showcased our commitment to Métis culture and in fact the majority of the meeting was simply enjoying local Métis children dance, play music, and spend time together as we traditionally have always done.”

President Henry added, “There was a clear need to develop a new beginning for the Métis people in Dawson Creek who want to have proper representation and say in issues that affect their families and community. We briefly discussed the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project and once more there was overwhelming opposition to this project. Sadly despite NEMA not being in good standing MNBC will likely continue to recognize NEMA as one of their Métis Chartered Communities who have been invited to an MNBC Community Advisory Meeting regarding the Enbridge project May 11th and 12th. We believe this MNBC meeting is a strategy by MNBC to given the impression of support for the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. Remember Métis communities were supposed to be in good standing as a corporation and MNBC has used this provision to remove previous Métis community organizations who opposed any of their views. MNBC has contradicted their required policies and this was noted during the meeting with the overall level of frustration and disappointment with the state of their community and our Nation today. It was clear o me that everyone wants a better future.”

President Henry concluded, “I was so thankful to all of the Métis families who attended and we have reached agreement to try and rebuild together for a better future. We will work to beginning the new Dawson Creek Métis Federation and I look forward to our future work.”

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