BC Metis Federation Call to Action to Honor Louis Riel Day November 16th Leads to City of Nanaimo Proclamation

The BC Metis Federation sent a letter this past week to various levels of government to urge actions to recognize Louis Riel Day which is held November 16th each year in remembrance of the date he was wrongfully hung.

For Metis people across Canada this is a time we remember the struggle of our people at the time when Canada was coming into confederacy and expanding westward.  There were historic Metis communities who have deep roots today and the need for education and awareness must continue.

The BC Metis Federation thanks the City of Nanaimo for approving the proclamation and we continue to push for Metis cultural recognition throughout all of British Columbia.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/City-of-Nanaimo-Proclamation-November-2012.pdf” style=”download”]City of Nanaimo Proclamation November 2012[/ilink]

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