BC Metis Federation Calls on Metis People to Review Federal Election Robocall Issue

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A story has been breaking these past few days about a “robo-call scam” conducted during the last federal election held in May 2011 that appears to have benefited the majority Conservative Party who is now in power.

The BC Metis Federation encourages Metis people throughout BC to register your views about the potential Federal election fraud and have provided the following link from a site entitled Robocall.  This matter must be investigated and addressed to ensure any federal government has been elected without any allegations of electoral misconduct.

Federal election conduct has been an issue for the BC Metis Federation.  BC Metis Federation was concerned when MNBC and the Federal Government (under a previous Conservative minority) released a surprise press release allegedly promising stimulus funding for the Metis in BC just before the last federal election campaign.  This announcement remains outstanding almost a year later.  How many Metis people in BC were influenced to vote for the Conservative Party candidate under this message of alleged stimlus support to assist Metis people?  Remember BC has 36 federal riding’s and many of these riding’s were closely contested between the Conservative and NDP candidates.  Many of us know every vote counted and the attached press release was sent just as the federal election campaign began in 2011.

This latest Robocall issue must be addressed for the good of our country and fully investigated.  Therefore we strongly encourage people to register your support to have the Robocall issue investigated without delay.

Many of the Metis people saw first hand how Metis people were provided misleading information just before the last federal election and there continues to be no response to BC Metis Federation inquiries either from MNBC or the current federal government although questioned on several occasions.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/LettertoHarper.pdf” style=”download”]Keith Henry Letter to Harper[/ilink]
[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/MNBC-Govt-Announced-Stimulus-March-25th-20112.pdf” style=”download”]MNBC Govt Announced Stimulus March 25th, 2011[/ilink]

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