BC Metis Federation Canadian Kailuan Dehau Meeting Report October 11th 2012

The BC Metis federation held a meeting in Hudson’s hope on October 11th 2012, with information provided by Judy Matkaluk VP Canadian Kailuan Dehau Mines. It was a positive meeting where First Nations and Metis that reside within the territory were met with a positive outlook to be included in consultation. The project is expecting permit approval in December 2012 for 100,000 Mt of metallurgical coal to china for a bulk sample to assess quality. BC government Environment assessment approval is expected to provide opportunities for growth in the First Nations and Metis business sector, as well as provide training opportunities.

Further discussed was the importation of Chinese workers for the mine, which was explained that due to the shortage of mine skilled workers in the province, approximately 90 chinese skilled workers would be brought in for training on a temporary basis. Expressed were stringent mine skillset pre-requisites that Chinese workers must meet before they are eligible for work in Canada, in addition they are only approved for 2 years, after such it is a lengthy process for citizenship. Skilled workers would train Aboriginal workers to provide the needed skills for operations; partnerships are being established with the Northern Lights College and other providers in concert with the development.

Traditional land usage of the Metis was discussed that Metis people use the land and resources within the project area and Canadian Kaliuan Dehau ensured that Metis communities locally are within the process of consultation.

This is one of many initiatives within the project area, and we are elated to report that Metis are within the consultation scope of this project as they are section 35 rights holders that continue to use the resources that encompass this project. Further information and consultation on this project with the Metis community will be forthcoming.

Concerns in regards to this project:

· Barging and keeping the lake open as animals expect the lake to be a continuous surface in the winter will drown in their migration across the lake. Examples of WAC Bennett dam experience
· Leeching of minerals and other contaminates from the project site
· Metis as Section 35 right holders being included into the traditional land use studies as land
users in this project
· Housing of workers as housing is a current challenge in Hudson’s hope.
· Shortage of a doctor in Hudson’s hope
· Community integration of a foreign population

In response to the concerns Judy Matkaluk VP CKD expressed the need for further exploration of the barging route and transportation of the coal. Further discussion is to be explored on a future visit to Hudson’s hope. Housing is being explored with a temporary camp setup as KCD wishes to have the workers integrated into the community to use the existing services with expansion of housing developments to provide a safe and secure environment for the community.

Concern was given from Metis participants in regards to our medical, school and existing facilities that are already at a crisis situation, the answer was met with future commitments of cooperation. This is the beginning to further consultation with the Metis community. Local community consultation and investment is important to Canadian Kaliuan Dehau.

Earlene Bitterman
BC Metis Federation
1 (250) 783-4540

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CKD Mines was incorporated in British Columbia in 2008, engaging in underground coal mining in Northern BC. CKD’s first coal mine project is located 25 km south of Hudson’s Hope BC, with more than 780 million tonnes of quality coking coal deposit. CKD Mines has inherited industry expertise from Kailuan Group, Shougang Group, and the Dehua Group. CKD Mines has the abilities and techniques to undertake underground coal mining with attention to environmental protection, safety, and traditional culture protection. Website: http://www.kailuandehua.com/

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