BCMF Celebrates Student Scholarship Program Recipients

Click here to download this media release in PDF format. You may also download a PDF of the 2023 Student Scholarship Showcase here.

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 24, 2023 – Today, with the release of the 2023 Student Scholarship Showcase, BC Métis Federation (BCMF) celebrates its first seventeen student scholarship recipients. These scholarships were made possible by the BCMF Student Scholarship Program which provides financial awards to eligible Métis students pursuing educational opportunities at the post-secondary level.

Métis students with full BCMF membership enrolled in a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution in Canada can apply for a scholarship. Applicants also have to be permanent residents of British Columbia.

“We were delighted to see the scholarship applications roll in,” said Keith Henry, BCMF President. “BCMF is dedicated to furthering the educational pursuits of Métis students from British Columbia, and we’re excited to watch this program expand in the future.”

The applications received by BCMF represented excellent grades, determination, resilience, a hard work ethic and a desire to succeed. To date, the recipients of the $1,500 student scholarships are:

● Jennine Adams
● Kateri Belisle
● Zev Demman
● Ashley Desjarlais
● Nicholas Dejarlais
● Brooke Greenhough
● Ethan Hart
● Madeline Hart
● Brenda Hebert
● Drake Henry
● James Kelly
● Cherisse Klassen
● Kailey Lund
● Kristian McIntosh
● Taylor Tucci
● Thomas Tucci
● Libbey Wilmot

Many of these incredible students are working towards careers in areas that will help their communities, such as healthcare and education. You can learn more about them in the 2023 Student Showcase PDF: BCMetis.com/student-showcase

Scholarship applications continue to be accepted on a rolling basis, there is no academic deadline. Visit BCMetis.com/ssp for more information and to apply.

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