BC Métis Federation Consulting Department Launched This Week

BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce the new contact/division led by consultant Mr. Kelly Davison. Members and community leaders are encouraged to email Kelly to review how BC Métis Federation will be addressing the various Federal and Provincial regulatory processes.

Mr. Davison will be posting a series of short surveys online to get a sense of people’s opinions, along with formal letters to MPs, Ministers, companies, etc. to clarify and ensure consultation on behalf of our members is addressed properly.

More formal and detailed studies will follow.

Mr. Davison is building a new Métis Indigenous Knowledge (Traditional Land Use – TLU) project and as such he will be setting up regular meetings with interested harvesters and Elders in the near future.

All correspondence related to BCMF TLU, Consultation, Lands and Resources should be directed to bcmf@ksdandassociates.com.

Mr. Davison will also set up some tools for member use, like a record of contact form, time keeping forms, etc. For more information and to reach Mr. Davison, please contact him at:

Kelly S. Davison
Team Leader, BC Métis Federation Environment and Lands (Consultant)
3665 Kingsway #300, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2
P: 604 638-7220

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