BC Métis Federation Continues Summer of Culture at 16th Annual European Festival

(Burnaby, BC) – The BC Métis Federation continued their commitment to supporting Métis cultural revitalization and education with their second Summer of Culture event this weekend at the 16th annual European Festival held at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby , BC.

The European Festival brings together several representatives showcasing European culture through their regalia, songs, dance, and cuisine. Many of the Métis people have strong connections to their European families as well and over the years efforts have been made to ensure Métis people participate and showcase our collective cultural practices and distinct identity as Métis were truly the first true Canadians through the intermarriages with Aboriginal people across the country.

BC Métis Federation worked with the Métis Silver Tip Swingers and the Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society to put together an authentic Métis display for visitors to learn about the Métis people and our culture. The Métis Silver Tip Swingers provided a main stage dance performance that was another hit. Finally one of the most honorable and significant symbolic aspects was that Métis representatives led the opening flag processes for the European Festival to kick off the event. BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “This weekend we saw thousands of people visit the cultural display and our supporters were so proud to be Métis. BC Métis Federation and our partners continue to lead by example and provide much need Métis education and cultural awareness.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added; “on behalf of our BC Métis Federation board and leadership thank you to all of our volunteers including the Michif Historical Society representative Derrick Whiteskycloud, BC Métis Federation member Sharon Eyford, BC Métis Federation board member Maxine Lavallee, BC Métis Federation member Phil Lavallee, other Métis Silver Tip Swingers, Nova Métis Heritage Association member Joe Shannon, plus numerous others.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “The BC Métis Federation was a proud partner and the European Festival was an incredible opportunity. This is now our second year as the BC Métis Federation where we provided sponsorship support to ensure there was Métis culture represented. BC Métis Federation was proud to provide authentic Métis culture as we complete our second event for the Summer of Cultural events for 2013. Our team is now focusing on an event June 16th in Prince George Métis Heritage Day and a national Aboriginal Day event in Sidney on Vancouver Island June 21st with partner First Nations. The details for Métis people to attend the event on June 21st will be out later this week. Our actions continue to speak louder than words and we build stronger each and every week.”

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