BC Métis Federation Executive Provides Métis Perspective to Kwantlen Students

(Tsawwassen, BC) – BC Métis Federation Executive Committee member Tim St. Denis provided a presentation about the Metis culture and people to a group of Kwantlen College counseling students at the Tsawwassen First Nation Longhouse.

Their instructor is Jennifer Mervyn Phd. is also a Metis and the post secondary students are studying for a Masters degree in clinical counselling and the session was to educate and provide them a Metis perspective. The presentation provided a brief history lesson where the Metis were seen as villains, victims and contributors to the makeup of the Canadian mosaic. Statistics from a 2006 study were presented which showed the Métis population in Canada is expected to double within the next 20 years. Métis households are affected with concerns over addictions, mental health and a lack of education. On the cultural issues there were concerns over a lack of Metis history being taught in schools and preservation of the Michif language.

BC Métis Federation Executive Committee member Tim St. Denis stated; “I feel it was time well spent as these students will soon be working on the front lines dealing with real family issues. The more they know about Metis heritage the better equipped they will be to help those in crisis and those in various stages of recovery.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry concluded; “This is another example of the practical on the ground support our leadership envisions to support Métis culture and awareness. The more non Métis people understand our community and culture, the better we will all be. Thank you Tim for the great work here.”

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