BC Metis Federation Facebook Subscribers Hit 500 Mark – Incredible Social Media Success

(Vancouver, BC) –The BC Mètis Federation continues to rebuild Métis representative governance in BC and the strategic plan includes a relentless commitment to timely communications through the website and effective use of social media. The BC Metis Federation Facebook page officially reached 500 on New Year ’s Eve climbing 59.74% since December 21st 2012. On line social networks such as twitter and Facebook have been a great way for BC Metis Federation leadership to share news and up and coming events in Metis communities. Twitter is utilized by BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry who tweets daily information and press releases, in order to foster communication and keep in touch with Metis people throughout BC and across the country. Social media around the world has accelerated uprisings in Egypt, and the Idle No More campaigns across Canada and continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of connecting through open and honest communications.

The following chart demonstrates the continuing success of the social media efforts by the BC Mètis Federation and the information reach is incredible:

Facebook Analytics December 31 2012 hits 500
Facebook social media has a direct impact on communication which the chart indicated has now climbed in the past few days to reaching 17,143 people, a 55% increase from last week. These 17,143 people enable BC Mètis Federation information and posts to reach an extended potential audience of fans of 153,914. The BC Mètis Federation facebook page target audience has been primarily Metis in BC, but we find a small percentage of United States Metis regular visitors to share information and friends of Metis joining Facebook. Our largest audiences following and sharing information in BC are concentrated in Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, and Surrey. There are also other large audiences from Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Prince Albert SK. The facebook page has also gained international interest with followers now from the United States, Mexico, France, Netherlands, and Guatemala.

BC Mètis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “Good leadership is based on the ability to communicate timely and effectively. BC Mètis Federation has proven how communications is paramount to our commitment to our members and all Mètis people in BC. The use of social media is only one such method and our success speaks for itself. Mètis people across BC and the country are starving for real information about issues and stories that affect our lives and we are simply providing this.” BC Metis Federation President Henry concluded; “Thank you to all of you who have liked our page and supported this growth. This is just another success of the BC Mètis Federation and people can count on us. BC Mètis Federation continues to grow and we urge people to sign up today. There is a lot going on and staying on top of issues is important to our future together. We all want a better future for our Mètis people together but we need information to make informed decisions. BC Mètis Federation will ensure we do this.”

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Stay tuned for the up and coming newsletter that is to be published in the New year, if you would like to add an article or news story from your community send your information to e.bitterman@bcmetis.com.

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