BC Metis Federation Facilitates Successful Training for Community Researchers

On Saturday, May 28, 2022 the BC Metis Federation hosted community researchers from across the province in an important training session in Burnaby.  BCMF Director of Research Joe Desjarlais, academic consultant Dr Bruce Shelvey and GIS specialist Tanner Timothy facilitated the Metis Terrestrial Investigations Project Curriculum Training session.  Community researchers from across the Province participated in this important full-day event.

Dr Bruce Shelvey leading a session with the BCMF Community Researchers

BCMF Director of Research Joe Desjarlais stated, “There is increased recognition that Metis history and memory in British Columbia needs to be articulated. Our goal at the BCMF is to avoid the old ‘grab and go’ extractive research model. I noticed lately that another Metis organization seeks to conduct research about the history of Métis in BC but there is no indication that community-based research will be a priority.”

The MTIP project is a community-based research project facilitated by the BCMF. The objective is to strengthen our membership’s capacity, use knowledge to advance self-determination, and leverage our own history and memory to shape policy and practice to benefit Metis people in their communities.

Director of Research Desjarlais concluded I want to congratulate Rosanne, Rhaina, Val, Cindy, Karen and Diann for their commitment to building relationships and learning practical skills in community-based research on Metis history and memory in BC. The outcome is relationships, and any knowledge is within the context of relational kinship networks. This work is on the cutting edge of repatriation efforts in Canada.”

BCMF Community Researchers receiving hands-on training

To learn about community-based research, or to learn more about each local researcher and follow along as they go out into their communities to build trust and relationships to repatriate Metis history and memory, visit the new Research portal and blog.

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