BC Métis Federation Gets Results Legion Article Education About Louis Riel

(Vancouver, BC) –The BC Mètis Federation took immediate steps in November 2012 to address a situation created by an article released in November/December edition of the Legion Magazine publication. The article was written by J.L. Granatstein entitled “12 Military Events That Shaped Canada”. The first such event identified by Mr. Granatstein was The Northwest Rebellion, 1885. The article caused immediate outrage in our Métis community because Mr. Granatstein described Louis Riel as “mad”.

BC Mètis Federation sent a letter dated November 1st and fortunately immediate actions were taken to address the situation through the mutual efforts of the Legion Magazine publishers Canvet Publications Limited and the BC Mètis Federation. The Legion Magazine has now released their latest Legion Magazine to over 900,000 subscribers and a new two page story about the true history of Louis Riel has been included in the magazine. BC Mètis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “The BC Métis Federation was adamant to the Legion Magazine publishers that this situation had to be immediately re-addressed. There are numerous Mètis veterans who read the original article and this negative view of one of our Mètis cultural heroes impacted them and their families.

Furthermore such a story has further negative impacts about Mètis people and our proud history when such a negative view about Louis Riel is stated considering this story reaches a readership base of almost one million people.” BC Metis Federation President Henry added: “Our advocacy was effective. We held several discussions with representatives of the magazine in November, an agreement was reached to support a more accurate story of Louis Riel, and BC Mètis Federation historians George and Terry Goulet immediately worked to put together a two page story for this latest edition.” BC Mètis Federation President Henry concluded; “The story is excellent and BC Mètis Federation is pleased with this outcome.

This will bring proper education to the almost one million readers about Louis Riel and his importance to our Mètis community today.”

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