BC Métis Federation Hosted Old Time Dance a Major Success

(Surrey, BC) The BC Métis Federation held the “Honouring Louis Riel – Métis Old Time Dance” this past weekend at the Whalley Legion in Surrey, BC. The event showcased music by DJ Andy McGillis (Hummingbird Productions), fiddling by Phil and Aimee Fauteux and Rob Crozier, as well as featuring cultural performances by world class Métis performer Beverly Lambert. The event also included a brief presentation from well known Métis historians and supporters George and Terry Goulet about Louis Riel and the significance of November 16th and the sacrifices he made for our people today in 1885.

The event was attended by roughly 80 individuals with a number of families and children who came out to have fun through this cultural event. Attendees donated great food and there was plenty for all to enjoy.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “First I am so thankful for our team of volunteers who dedicated countless hours to bring this event together. People like Beverly Lambert, Sandee Brabant, Sherry Daniels, Maxine Lavallee, Phil Lavallee, Raoul Carrier, Ken Fisher, Joyce Fisher, Richard Klyne, Tim St. Denis, Yvan Richard, and so many others. The event was well organized and there was a real sense of unity and support.”

BCMF President Henry added; “Once again BC Métis Federation has led by example. We did not wait for government funding, we knew that in order to show leadership you have act like leaders. Therefore we invested our time and energy to ensure this event proceeded. We planned properly and created a clear budget in order that the event paid for itself. We had a great turn out and clearly BC Métis Federation continues to make progress. We also added the event online and another 200 viewers tuned in to watch part of the evening’s festivities.”

BCMF President Henry further added; “BC Métis Federation also handed out recent BC Métis Federation membership cards to 5 individuals in attendance at this event. This was an emotional recognition for the new BC Métis Federation members who received their BC Métis Federation membership and another great step forward together.”

BCMF President Henry concluded; “BC Métis Federation is planning to bring these types of community cultural events throughout BC in the new year to reunite our Nation. Our board will be meeting in December to review options and finalize a schedule for regional events in February – April. We are very excited to continue our work and build the BC Métis Federation for the future.”

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