BC Métis Federation Included at Provincial Education Innovation Forum

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation was invited to a dialogue table called Focus on Learning: Rising to the Global Challenge. This Forum was streamed live on social media and was attended by ministry officials, politicians, administrators, community leaders and the business community.

The capstone of the forum was the announcement of K-12 Innovation Strategy, a BC Ministry of Education policy that will guide a shift from traditional educational models to a new personalized learning model that encourages applying educational concepts to everyday practice.

Ideas like “learn globally, act locally” shaped the presentations at the forum and informed the discussions about student relevance and collaborative learning. Speakers included internationally renowned educators and an inspiring talk from We-Day co-founder Marc Kielburger.

BC Métis Federation Secretary Desjarlais stated, “I got the sense that day that a new educational paradigm is being constructed. The BC Métis Federation was provided an opportunity to contribute to the dialogue. Speaking for Métis constituents, I explained to the distinguished audience that educational innovation must include possibilities where different cultures create the “space” to recognize and affirm each other’s distinct cultures and ways of knowing, and learn from one another in a crossover of ideas. I reinforced the idea that transformative education must be socially relevant and also connect learners to Métis communities.”

Mr. Desjarlais followed up with senior ministry official Ted Cadwallader, Director, Aboriginal Education, BC Ministry of Education and made other important new connections with stakeholders in the education process.

Secretary Desjarlais concluded, “Our goal at the BC Métis Federation since its inception has been to bring Canadians of difference together. The BC Métis Federation has already outlined to the ministry the curriculum revisions that are needed to prepare the next generation of Canadians for a new relationship with Metis people that is already taking place across this country. The Federation has expressed a willingness to partner with the Ministry to bring about these changes in practical ways. The next question is whether the Ministry is willing to invest in this opportunity.”

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