BC Métis Federation Issues Opposition to NOI

(Vancouver, BC) The Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Child and Family Development posted Notice of Intents (NOI’s) this past week to contract the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and the Métis Commission for Children and Families BC (MCCFBC) for services to deliver in support of Métis children and families.

Yesterday under the leadership of portfolio holder Jeanie Cardinal, BC Métis Federation issued our opposition which focused on key issues. The opposition is because these organizations continue to ignore the membership of the BC Métis Federation for services as well as there has been no meaningful engagement to better understand the policy and service delivery expectations of either of these organizations.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “The Provincial Government and MCFD are committing over $450,000 in funding to organizations that do not represent the needs of our members and in fact have exhibited exclusion behavior for years in some cases. These are public funds and our members and partner communities must be afforded equal access and representation. This does not mean there cannot be compromise but our leadership will continue to ensure all services we require for our members are without exclusion and politics. Families need assistance and there must be a better way forward which is inclusive of all Métis.”

BC Métis Federation Portfolio Holder Jeanie Cardinal added; “I filed the opposition to the NOI because we receive regular calls about concerns with Métis service delivery and families in need. We make efforts to refer to agencies with minimal success. We had to deliver a new policy manual as a result and our members and families demand BC Métis Federation to advocate and we will.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “BC Métis Federation has a strategic plan which includes support for children and families. This opposition is not to stop MNBC or MCCFBC but we need to be involved and provided resources where required to assist our members and partner communities to activity address their issues and legal rights. This is an extremely important issue for our leadership and we have provided solutions for MNBC to meet and address our concerns. I expect this will be ignored but the reality is we have members demanding our advocacy and we will address.”

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