BC Métis Federation Keeping Commitments to Métis Community Support

BCMF Keeps commitment to community support(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation has stated since establishment in June 2011 that Métis community support for culture and decision making is the priority. The BC Métis Federation leaders recognize that the support for Métis communities and families can be achieved through focusing on the needs of the community rather than solely on the needs of a provincial organization. This past weekend BC Métis Federation showcased their dedication to supporting Métis communities through a variety of activities. This included BC Métis Federation representatives attending the funeral of Métis elder Marge Goulet, provided a report during the Vancouver Métis Cultural Society Annual General Meeting, showcased Métis culture as part of the Eurofest Event in Burnaby, and attended the Nova Métis Heritage Association board meeting in Surrey.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “The BC Métis Federation has a great team of dedicated individuals who recognize that together we can make a difference. Our team pulls together to support our Métis culture without honorariums, travel claims, or any other support than our own. We know we need to assist the rebuilding of our Nation here in BC and this starts with leading be example.”

President Henry added; “As the President I am so thankful to our VP Daryl Piper who drove over 12 hours to Quesnel and back with me to pay our respects to the Goulet family and friends for the loss of their dear loved one Marge. I also thank Joe Desjarlais and Ken Fisher who attended the Vancouver Métis Cultural Society meeting to provide a report and show their community that the BC Métis Federation cares and their voice counts. I thank Maxime and Phil Lavallee, the Silver Tip Swingers and Buttertown Jiggers for their support to pull together a great Métis showcase during Eurofest. There were about 2000 people in attendance and it was a huge success. Finally I thank Tim St. Denis for attending the Nova Heritage Association board meeting to provide a report on behalf of the BC Métis Federation. Of course I cannot forget Beverly Lambert who was with us in Quesnel and Sherry Daniels who attended Eurofest on our behalf to assist.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “I hope other Métis communities and families understand that BC Métis Federation cares and our commitments and support for Métis culture and community needs will not stop. We have a great team and our efforts this weekend make me proud to be Métis once again. Thank you all!”
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