BC Metis Federation launches race-based data collection project in partnership with Provincial Government

BCMF has announced a new project titled “Set the Tone” a race-based data collection project in partnership with the Province of British Columbia. The BC Government is committed to tackling systemic racism in the public sector. To understand the extent of the problem, accurate and ethical information needs to be collected on how government policies, programs and services impact Indigenous, Black/People of African descent and other racialized communities. In fact, many racialized peoples have advocated for race-based data collection in support of ending systemic racism.  As a first step in the process of developing specific guidelines (ie: legislation) around race-based information gathering, the government has provided an Anti-Racism Engagement Grant to BC Metis Federation so that it can hear from our partner communities.


View the full press release here.  For more information on the community sessions, and to register as a participant, visit: https://bcmetis.com/set-the-tone/

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