BC Métis Federation Letter to MNBC – Outstanding Youth Funding and Other Matters

The following letter was sent today by the BCMF to the MNBC Board of Directors…

Dear MNBC Board Members;

I am writing today as follow up to the correspondence I sent via email to each one of you dated December 21st, 2011. As expected there has been no response and I assume none will be forthcoming from any of you in the near future despite a number of the questions and points I had raised.

Regardless I want to reinforce to each one of you that one of the most significant reasons for the MNBC demise has been the inability by this MNBC board, meaning each one of you, to communicate in a transparent manner over the past three years. As MNBC leaders you have been paid, regardless of any new claim of reductions to your salaries, using public provided by different levels of governments and you have a fiduciary obligation to be accountable to your constituents when questioned. Unfortunately this simply has not been the case and it appears that trend will carry forward into 2012.

Let’s analyze the most recent evidence to support the BC Métis Federation’s views:

  • First MNBC is contracted through a Federal Government department, Department of Canadian Heritage (DCH), to provide youth funding for programs approved each year that support culture, language, etc. In 2011-2012 MNBC, through the youth committee, approved 15 youth projects to be delivered throughout BC from funding provided by DCH, according to the MNBC website. It is our understanding MNBC has not provide any project resources for most, if not all, of the approved 2011-2012 youth projects. The BC Métis Federation has raised this issue for some time and we have yet to review any documentation from the MNBC to explain why this situation remains unresolved so late in the year. We understand a number of these MNBC approved youth projects could not move forward without funding and will not now because MNBC was unable to provide any resources.
    • a. Did MNBC not receive any of the funds from PCH for 2011-2012 although it is now 10 months into a 12 month year?
    • b. How does MNBC expect their communities to cash manage youth projects as many of these organizations do not have other means to support these important programs for our youth?
    • c. Why has there not been any timely communication to explain what is going on from the MNBC regarding this program to clarify to their approved project partners?
    • d. Did MNBC not sign a contract with the approved project organizations that required MNBC to ensure funds?
  • Second the MNBC Director of Youth has suddenly left MNBC on 4 days notice. Here is the email that was sent December 31st, 2011 to the 15 organizations that were awarded youth funding projects for 2011-2012:

Dear CCAY Funding Recipient,

Please be advised that your second progress report is due January 9.

I would also like to inform all of you that effective January 3, I will no longer be working for MNBC. I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to all of you. You have all been amazing to work with and I wish you every success with the 2011/2012 CCAY.

Please ensure that you return your completed report to Executive Director, Dale Drown at ddrown@mnbc.ca.

Thank you,

Colette Trudeau
Director of Youth

Office: 604-850-0832
Mobile: 778-868-5211
Fax: 604-557-2024
30691 Simpson Road
Abbotsford B.C. V2T 6C7
E-mail: ctrudeau@mnbc.ca

It is unfortunate this individual is leaving MNBC.

    • The real question is why has this former staff left on such short notice?
    • Furthermore, why is MNBC requesting reports for youth projects MNBC have yet to provide funding to if no youth funds have been advances?
  • Third and final point there is rumors that the MNBC board member elected as the Lower Mainland; Regional Director Henry Hall has notified the MNBC board that he is relocating to Manitoba shortly. I would submit that the MNBC Lower Mainland Regional Director Hall should be advising his constituents if this is true.Consider Mr. Hall that you have been afforded resources for an elected position that appears to part time at best. As such BC Métis Federation will pursue in the future that you, and other MNBC board members, explain your understandings about the MNBC financials on a number of fronts. Mr. Hall should be willing to answer questions as he was provided Métis public funding for his elected position in the following amounts since he was elected:
    • 2008-2008 (elected September 13th, 2008 only 6 months ) $32,039.09
    • 2009-2010 $56,624.40
    • 2010-2011 MNBC did not publicly disclose all expenditures but we assume at the same.
    • $56,624.40
    • 2011-2012 MNBC has posted a reduction in wages beginning 6 months into this fiscal year. $40,000.00
      • Estimated total Métis funding paid to Mr. Hall: $153,248.00

In closing I continue to call on the MNBC board members to immediately address these growing issues. Are these latest three issues true or not? If so, can someone from MNBC explain why there is not proactive communication? If not, than say clarify for the Métis people of British Columbia you claim to represent.

It is truly unfortunate that none of you has taken the time to respond to the December 21st, 2011 correspondence to date. I can assure each of you that BC Métis Federation will be undeterred in our efforts to demand full public disclosure on all matters.

Thank you,

Keith Henry

BC Métis Federation


BCMF Board of Directors
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Métis People of BC


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