BC Metis Federation Letter to Premier Clark

BC Metis Federation was outraged this past week when the Ministry of Health issued a Notice of Intent to contract MPCBC/MNBC for health policy related work under NOIHL215. The Ministry of Health was preparing to direct award a $200,000 contract for engagement and policy work. BC Metis Federation assumes this money would be used by MPCBC/MNBC as it had in the past simply to subsidize staff, support debt, and no real outcomes or support for health programs for the Metis communities or agencies doing the work.

BC Metis Federation has taken immediate action and has sent correspondences to the Ministry of Health officials followed by a letter to Premier Clark sent yesterday.

It is very disappointing that despite years of MPCBC/MNBC financial and governance mismanagement, the Province attempts to carry on like it is business as usual. It is not and this issue speaks to the recent human rights filing by the BC Metis Federation on behalf of their partner communities, partner agencies, and members.

BC Metis Federation will ensure any government health funding is used to support Metis communities and families who need real results, not just pouring public funds down a black hole.

The Provincial Ministry of Health officials have been in contact with BC Metis Federation and we will report on the outcomes soon.

To read a copy of the letter and supporting documents click here.

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BCMF-Letter-to-Premier-Clark-September-3rd-2013-Health-Contract.pdf” style=”download”]BCMF Letter to Premier Clark September 3rd, 2013 Health Contract[/ilink]
[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/KLMSS-Letter-to-BC-Metis-Federation-September-1st-2013.pdf” style=”download”]KLMSS Letter to BC Metis Federation September 1st, 2013[/ilink]
[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/Nova-Letter-re-MPCBC-Health-Contract-August-31st-2013.pdf” style=”download”]Nova Letter re MPCBC Health Contract August 31st, 2013[/ilink]
[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/CCMA-letter-re-MPCBC-Health-Contract-August-30th-2013.pdf” style=”download”]CCMA letter re MPCBC Health Contract August 30th, 2013[/ilink]

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