BC Mètis Federation Meets with Kinder Morgan Canada – Trans Mountain Expansion Project

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Mètis Federation leadership coordinated a meeting with representatives from Vancouver Métis Citizens Society and Nova Métis Heritage Association with Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) in Vancouver earlier this week. The purpose of the meeting was to review the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

The proposed KMC Trans Mountain Expansion Project is in the early stages and proposes to expand their existing pipeline to increase the carrying capacity of their existing 1,150 kilometer pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, BC. The current KMC Trans Mountain Pipeline carries crude oil and refined petroleum products. KMC has indicated that the project could begin construction by 2016.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This was an interesting meeting given the current political issues in the public facing this KMC project already. The City of Vancouver has already spoken up in opposition to the pipeline expansion. In addition Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations in the Lower Mainland have already asserted strong opposition. Regardless the BC Mètis Federation wanted to discuss the project and get a better understanding in light of the demands by BC Mètis Federation members and communities who wanted have asked to learn more about what this project expansion could mean. As such BC Mètis Federation arranged a meeting with Métis community representatives and reinforced a couple of key points to KMC. First the BC Mètis Federation recognizes our role is to facilitate information and create a dialogue where Mètis communities and families can be better informed to understand the proposed project and make decisions accordingly to what is best for them and their community. Second BC Mètis Federation believes proponents, such as KMC, should be consulting directly with Mètis communities when any project could impact their way of life.”

BC Mètis Federation President Henry added, “The KMC representatives were asked a number of important questions regarding pipeline safety, the types of product, environmental impacts, plus several other key questions. BC Mètis Federation also was asked to clarify how best to engage in the future and a thorough discussion will be brought to the floor of the BC Métis Federation Annual General Meeting in Williams Lake September 22nd, 2012.”

BC Mètis Federation President Henry concluded, “KMC representatives were respected and they committed to following up a number of important questions the Métis community representatives asked. I thank everyone for attending and initiating a constructive dialogue. BC Mètis Federation asserted our section 35 Métis rights to KMC and we expect Métis people to have meaningful say and be properly consulted in the future. We must ensure Métis people have the ability to make informed decisions and we must facilitate protocol in that our Statement of Cooperation communities need engagement by KMC as this project will traverse near several of the Métis community organizations we work with throughout BC.”

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