BC Metis Federation Prepares to Showcase Metis Culture in Cloverdale May 17th – 20th

BC Metis Federation is sharing a poster in light of the upcoming Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair. BC Metis Federation has partnered with the Michif Historical and Preservation Society to ensure a authentic cultural display and information will be present during the event. The Cloverdale event is the second largest rodeo event in British Columbia and promises to be exciting.

Cultural Ambassador Beverly Lambert is organizing the BC Metis Federation weekend details and if you have time to volunteer or assist please contact her at b.lambert@bcmetis.com

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/Cloverdale-Rodeo-Metis-Poster.jpg” style=”download”]Download >Cloverdale Rodeo Metis Poster[/ilink]

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