BC Mètis Federation President Honored By Federal Government

(Vancouver, BC) The founding President of the BC Mètis Federation Mr. Keith Henry has been involved in the Aboriginal community serving a variety of roles with a number of organizations over the years. Mr. Henry’s work today includes his role as President of the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business, chairperson of the Native Education College, member of the Minister’s Council on Tourism, member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Aboriginal Opportunities Committee, committee member for the Aboriginal Student Futures Committee, CEO for Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia, plus a number of other projects with a variety of First Nation and Mètis communities throughout BC.

In 2011 BC Mètis Federation founding President Mr. Keith Henry was appointed as the Steering Committee Chairperson for the Aboriginal Business Match held in Prince George in February of 2012. The conference brought together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses in a matching format to create new agreements and increase economic development for industry partners, Aboriginal entrepreneurs, and community own enterprises throughout BC. The conference was held over three days where there was an estimated $1 million in new business agreements signed between new partners created by the business matching format. The Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Federal Deputy Minister recognized the work of Mr. Henry and the other Aboriginal Business Match steering committee members in a national ceremony held earlier today.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “I take great pride in being recognized for work I supported on collaboration and partnerships for the Aboriginal Business Match. I served in that role because of my other work in Aboriginal tourism but I always make sure people know I am a proud Mètis person and entrepreneur. This conference required a significant amount of time and planning to ensure success. The conference was a major success and one that I was very pleased to see. As many know I volunteer and work countless hours outside of Mètis politics and I realize that we must find new ways to support economic development for Aboriginal people. We had a great steering committee team and I was one of many who made that conference a success.”
President Henry added, “I will maintain my role as the Aboriginal Business Match 2013 chairperson and I encourage Mètis entrepreneurs to consider involvement for the February 2013 event being planned located in Penticton. I encourage Mètis business people to consider registering early once registration is open on the website. The website is www.aboriginalbusinessmatch.com and you can review what happened in 2012. We expect a large response from the BC corporate community in light of the success from 2012 who want to met with Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs and do real business.”
BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “I continue to do all I can to make a difference in the lives for all Aboriginal people, especially to assist and support economic development. This award was not expected but one that I appreciate so much. I hope Mètis people in British Columbia realize the
quality of leadership we have as a team at the BC Mètis Federation. Our board continues to lead by example to exhibit that there is a better way. This is another example.”

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