BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry on APTN National Tomorrow

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry is being interviewed nationally on APTN news during the “In Focus” segment of the national news segment that will air twice tomorrow January 29th 2014.

President Henry has been asked provide a response to the position of Metis in BC related to pipelines and tar sands expansion. This is an especially important interview in light of the recent Metis Nation British Columbia claims that the majority of Metis in BC support pipelines and tar sands development that interviewed last week that has since created a major outpouring of reaction across British Columbia.

Be sure to watch the interview tomorrow on APTN. Check local times for information about when APTN national news broadcasts in your area.

[ilink url=”[ilink url=”http://aptn.ca/news/video/” style=”download”]Aboriginal People’s Television (APTN) Video link[/ilink]

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