BC Métis Federation Regional Gathering – Huge Success in Surrey

(Surrey, BC) The BC Métis Federation held their second Regional Gatherings entitled A New Beginning last night in Surrey, BC for the Lower Mainland at the Sheraton Guildford. There was a great crowd with fifty two (52) people in attendance. BC Métis Federation also added the online viewing option and there was an extremely strong response with almost 1700 viewers who tuned in throughout the evening to watch the meeting. This was the second of seven BC Métis Federation led Regional Gatherings being held throughout BC from March 3rd and May 19th.

Once more the BC Métis Federation presented a thorough review of how the BC Métis Federation came to be, explained efforts to rebuild Métis governance, and discussed key issues such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project. The BC Métis Federation also had special presentations about the Hummingbird Aboriginal Student Future program, a public awareness campaign for Aboriginal parents to better understand Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), and Mr. David Doyle who showcased a great presentation about a recent trip to Cuba where and a powerpoint presentation he made. Both of these special presentations were another strong additional for the BC Métis Federation evening BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “I am so grateful for the success of the evening made possible by so many. Thank you to the Silver Tip Swingers and Butter Town Jiggers, Métis fiddler Keith Hill, Vanessa Mountain Hummingbird Aboriginal Student Futures, Louis Riel activist and writer Mr. David Doyle, Métis Historians George and Terry Goulet, and of course our BC Métis Federation board and volunteer staff who all assisted to ensure a great evening.”

President Henry added, “The success of these meetings in terms of what BC Métis Federation stands for is obvious. People continue to see our dedication to rebuilding the Métis governance in BC and have made a personal decision to join. Our goal was to have 50 people in attendance at this Surrey gathering. We exceeded that target. We also greatly exceeded our expectations with almost 1700 online viewers. I am confident that Métis people are hearing our message that the BC Métis Federation provides a new way forward; that grassroots Métis people count and their voice counts in our new provincial Métis representative organization. Métis people believe more and more that change can and will be made by the BC Métis Federation. The Métis people felt comfortable that they could speak, ask questions and celebrate our Métis culture and be proud because of our approach at the BC Métis Federation. I truly believe BC Métis Federation continues to provide such a platform for Métis people who share our vision.”

President Henry concluded, “The BC Métis Federation is excited and this momentum is building. We look forward to the next Regional Gathering being held in Kelowna on March 31th. It is at the Coast Capri Hotel located at 1171 Harvey Avenue starting at 6:00 PM. I hope Métis people from the Thompson/Okanagan region consider attending given the opportunity BC Métis Federation is providing you to be part of rebuilding Métis governance in BC. The BC Métis Federation will carry forward explaining membership, governance, facilitate discussion on key issues including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project and how people can have meaningful say in reshaping Métis governance in BC. These meetings continue to reinforce that Métis people want and demand immediate change with a new democratic alternative for Métis governance in BC. They want to discuss issues that really matter; that being ensuring our Métis culture is brought back to a priority, that grassroots Métis people have say in province wide issues, that Métis cultural pride brought back for our families, and the people have Métis leaders who work to listen and support their needs ahead of money, personal attacks, and no transparency.

It is clear that the BC Métis Federation has become that vehicle to provide people hope that we can all be part of a better future and take control to force change, frankly I know we are empowering so many to stand up and speak out. Therefore I hope people join the BC Métis Federation or ultimately they will be left behind as the grass roots people are really taking hold and pushing the BC Métis Federation forward. Last night proved this and can only be described as an incredible success. Thank you to everyone who took time to attend and participate last night! The BC Métis Federation hears and respects your voice.”

For more information about the upcoming Regional Gatherings being held throughout BC please go to the BC Métis Federation website www.bcmetis.com.

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