BC Métis Federation Secures Future Sustainability

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation held a conference call on the evening of Friday, December 2nd. There were a number of Statement of Cooperation signatories who joined the conference call with the board and volunteer staff as BC Métis Federation continues to showcase how a Nation can operate transparent Métis governance.

BC Métis Federation made a number of exciting announcements during the call that included an open invitation to the BC Métis Federation Christmas Dinner being held December 16th in Vancouver, a new language project to support Michif language, and most importantly BC Métis Federation sustainability. BC Métis Federation has partnered in a new joint venture initiative that will provide non-government resources to support core operations for the next five years. As such BC Métis Federation will provide a Christmas donation to Statement of Cooperation communities and has scheduled the first face to face board meeting January 28th and 29th, 2012 in Vancouver.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “This is an extremely exciting time for the BC Métis Federation and our board. We have called repeatedly on governments to address serious fiscal mismanagement issues created by organizations professing to represent and administer programs and services like the Métis Nation British Columbia. Governments have ignored our requests and the situation has become much worse. By stark contrast BC Métis Federation has created an economic development venture to support our core operational needs. We can say with absolutely certainty today that BC Métis Federation will remain and grow with or without government support for years to come.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added; “We have used a portion of our economic development resources already received to provide BC Métis Federation Statement of Cooperation communities a Christmas donation. They can use these resources to assist Métis families most in need, hold a community Christmas dinner, or support other community needs as their boards decide. Our board is very proud of this accomplishment.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry further added; “The BC Métis Federation board has arranged their next board meeting for January 28th and 29th in Vancouver. We will invite the Statement of Cooperation communities to send a representative and the meeting will include seating for the public to attend. We will also broadcast the meeting live on our website so Métis people can witness the professionalism and transparency of the BC Métis Federation.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “For those communities and stakeholders watching events unfold in BC the evidence of good Métis governance versus incompetent Métis governance speaks for itself. MNBC leaders have been unwilling to be fully transparent and their economic development ideas fail time after time. In spite of government support of roughly $12 million each year MNBC cannot afford regional meetings and no core resources have been provided to their Métis Chartered Communities for a very long time. MNBC and their government friends preach unity and not once have the MNBC board invited BC Métis Federation board to negotiate a way forward or respond to specific inquiries. Therefore as each of you review progress of the BC Métis Federation ask yourselves to review all facts and efforts by either organization. BC Métis Federation has showcased how to rebuild responsible government that puts investment to their communities and members first and foremost. That is what Métis governments are supposed to do.”

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