BC Métis Federation Signs New Agreement in Prince George

(Burnaby, BC) BC Métis Federation leadership and the Peyak Li Moond Métis Society (Peyak) reached a new agreement this week to sign a Statement of Cooperation. The agreement recognizes the role of each organization as Peyak works to represent the need of Métis members in Prince George and BC Métis Federation desires to ensure the voice of the Métis members from Prince George is included in the governance and project delivery of the BC Métis Federation.

During the past few years Peyak has been hosting the Roots Métis Music Festival in Prince George each August and BC Métis Federation has been one of several contributing partners.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Thank you to the President Shawn Bellamy and the board of Peyak for agreeing to work together for the commitment and trust to work together. Shawn has provided strong Métis leadership and her work to keep the Métis Roots Music Festival each August is a great testament to the commitment to supporting our Métis culture.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “I know we will continue to strengthen our relationships together and having Peyak representative Mrs. Bonnie Gunton at our recent Annual General Meeting to sign this agreement was greatly appreciated.”

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For more information about Peyak Li Moond Métis Society go to www.peyak.ca


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