BC Métis Federation Statement regarding First Nation Leadership Council Rejection of Métis Rights in BC

BC Métis Federation leadership is writing to respond to the media release regarding Métis rights in BC. While the statement is specific to the Métis Nation BC, the other provincial Métis organization, the BC Métis Federation understands that this First Nations’ position negatively impacts our Métis members and Métis partner communities.

There continues to be a lack of accurate and historic context about the Métis and our historic families in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore, the BC Métis Federation will continue to share the recorded history of our families.

Métis Nation BC’s approach is substantially different and we respect their rights to maintain the political view to defend the limited Métis Nation homeland concept, which we maintain is historically inaccurate for BC.

The actions by the First Nation Leadership Council contribute to the anti-Métis sentiment our members and community leaders feel. There needs to be a real dialogue between all First Nation and Métis leaders to create a better way forward.

We encourage members and partners to read the BC Métis Federation response and First Nation Leadership Council News Release Dated May 19th.

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Click here to review the First Nations Leadership Council News Release

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