BC Metis Federation Supports the Michif Language Project Cultural DVD


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The official launch of the 2012 Michif Language Project CD funded by Canadian Heritage Canada was held at Fuller Lake on September 15th 2013, in attendance members of the Cowichan Valley Metis association who enjoyed a traditional picnic accompanied by fiddle music by Courtney Campbell, and a voyageur canoe ride around the lake.

Earlene Bitterman, who is also a BC Metis Federation board member, attended the official launch of the Michif Language Project “Pikiskwi Michif” (Speak Michif) in Duncan. Earlene stated, “It was an excellent event and I have met so many talented community members, I am so excited that we have now commenced the second year to expand this project with more modules combined with interactivity for Michif learning.”

Earlene Stated, “Although Michif and Bungee was spoken in our home, it was a secret language amongst the elders, I am honoured to be working on this project bringing my past back to me. It is a great privilege to meet Stella Johnson the Michif translator sharing common histories and family stories.” I look forward in working in 2013 with the Cowichan Valley Metis community on the expansion of this project.

Copies of the new DVD will be made available next weekend at the BC Metis Federation Annual General Meeting September 28th 2013 in Langley BC and at the BC Metis Federation head office.

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