BC Metis Federation Takes Action to File Complaint Against MNBC and MNC

The BC Metis Federation took steps this week in light of the Hallux Audit information to file a complaint with the police. A case file has been opened (#14-108-247) and the following letter was sent to identify who the complaint was against and why:

The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) is writing regarding a serious matter that has come to our attention through Métis constituents in British Columbia and Canada. Since 2009, the BCMF has had reports from a variety of stakeholders regarding financial mismanagement and possible fraud by the MNBC (one of two representative provincial Métis organizations in British Columbia) and the MNC which is a national Métis organization purporting to represent all Métis people in Canada. Recently, the BCMF acquired independent audits conducted by Hallux Consultants Inc., through the Freedom of Information Act. Upon review of the audits and the supporting documentation of the annexes, it is the belief of BCMF that the corporate entities – MNBC, MNC, and individuals within the organization should be further investigated.

[ilink url=”[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BCMF-Letter-June-30th-letter-RCMP-Official-Complaint-FINAL-1.pdf” style=”download”]BCMF Letter June 30th letter RCMP Official Complaint FINAL-1[/ilink]

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