BC Métis Federation Takes Steps to Secure Language Programming Resource

The BC Métis Federation has submitted a comprehensive proposal to the Federal Government for 2012-2013 through the Aboriginal Language Initiaitve (ALI) funding program.  The letter below was sent to Heritage Canada accompanied by a complete information package…

The BC Métis Federation Society (BCMF) is very pleased to submit the enclosed submission for the Aboriginal Language Initiative program requesting $43,260.00 from Heritage Canada for a program in fiscal year 2012-2013. The following documents are included in this submission as per the posted requirements:

  • ALI Submission Checklist
  • BC Métis Federation Project Description
  • BC Métis Federation Project Workplan
  • BC Métis Federation Project Budget
  • BC Métis Federation Project Cash Flow
  • BC Métis Federation Project Signed Letters of Support
    • Fort St. John Métis Society
    • Kelly Lake Métis Settlement Society
    • North Saanich Michif Society
    • Métis Veterans Association of BC
  • BC Métis Federation Society Incorporation Certificate
  • BC Métis Federation Society Bylaws
  • BC Métis Federation does not have an audited financial statement as the non-profit was incorporated in June of 2011 but will be ensuring proper auditing procedures.
  • The BC Métis Federation address and all contact information is posted on the BC Métis Federation website (www.bcmetis.com):
    • Office Phone – 1-604-638-7220
    • Fax – 1.604-435-8181
    • Office location- 300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2
    • Email- k.henry@bcmetis.com
  • BC Métis Federation list of Executive Committee, Board Members, and Staff
  • BC Métis Federation Board Manual is attached to provide information regarding procedures and signing authorities. The Executive Committee has signing authority and all cheques require two signatories.

The BC Métis Federation is pleased to complete this submission and would be pleased to provide any further information as requested. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on my cell 1-778-388-5013.

Thank you,

Keith Henry

BC Métis Federation Society


BCMF Board Members
Statement of Cooperation Community Partners


[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/BCMF-ALI-Project-Cover-Letter-Submission-December-14th-2011.pdf” style=”download”]Click here to download the letter in PDF format.[/ilink]


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