BC Ministry of Education Confirms Commitment

(Vancouver, BC) Earlier this week the BC Métis Federation received a letter from Peter Fassbender, Minister of Education for the Province of British Columbia. Minister Fassbender thanked BC Métis Federation Secretary and Education portfolio holder Joe Desjarlais for a letter dated January 7.

Minister Fassbender agreed with Secretary Desjarlais, restating the need for a national consensus shift toward affirmation of historic and contemporary Métis identities across Canada, and informing the next generation of Canadians of these new relationships.

Minister Fassbender stated a commitment from the Ministry of Education to ensure Métis students throughout British Columbia feel supported and that all students become aware of Métis history and culture. He talked about the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements and connections to community. The Minister clarified that meeting the cultural and educational needs of the Métis relies upon the collaboration and communication between all organizations and the Ministry.

The Minister concluded by stating that the Ministry valued the support of the BC Métis Federation in this transformation effort and that there would be follow up by Ted Cadwallader, Director, Aboriginal Education.

BC Métis Federation Secretary Desjarlais stated, “I want to thank Minister Fassbender and the Ministry of Education for affirming support of Métis culture and education in British Columbia and across Canada. This letter signals a new era of partnership between Métis people, the BC Métis Federation and all Métis communities together with the Province to ensure that the BC education curriculum reflects the political, economic and social realities in Canada and opens up possibility and opportunity. ”

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