BCMF 2015-2016 Annual Report Released

(Vancouver, BC) BC Métis Federation continues to build organizational administration and reporting to enable and assist members and partners review annual progress of the provincial Métis representative organization. Today BC Métis Federation leadership is proud to release the annual report for activities from April 1st, 2015 – March 31st, 2016.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “The BC Métis Federation Annual Report presents significant progress we have made over the past year. The report highlights ongoing special focus on supporting Métis culture, fighting for Métis rights in the “SS” adoption case, advancements of industry consultation, and communications on a number of tactics.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry added, “This past year was historic for Métis people in British Columbia and across Canada. We witnessed the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the Daniel’s Case and BC Métis Federation provided input with the Special Representative reviewing Métis rights.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you to our members, partner communities and leadership for another successful year. We are proud to release progress reporting and our audited financial statements. We ran a balanced budget once again and our transparency and hard volunteer work by so many is why Métis people across British Columbia are joining our organization. In closing a special thank you to team member Jesse Donovan who led the work on this year’s annual report.”

To view the BC Métis Federation Annual Report 2015-2016, go to the website www.bcmetis.com.


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[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BC-Metis-Federation-Annual-Report-Final-2015-2016.pdf” style=”download”]Click here to download the 2015 – 2016 Annual Report in PDF format.[/ilink]

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