BCMF Child Protection Agency Bulletin

If you are a BC Métis Federation Family who has an approved home study and criminal record check the BC Métis Child Protection Department would like to hear from you.

We are presently gathering names and documentation from BC Métis Federation families who are interested in adopting Métis infants and children to keep these children in loving and nurturing culturally sensitive homes and preserve their relationship with their natural parents and community.

Don’t have a home study but are interested? Obtain a criminal record check from your local RCMP detachment and contact the BC Métis Child Protection Department at childwelfare@bcmetis.com

Are you a Métis parent who is expecting a child and is worried about MCFD involvement? Contact us at childwelfare@bcmetis.com We care and we are here to help.

We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can protect our children and our communities.

Child Protection Team

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