BCMF Congratulates Respected Métis Family Maxine and Phil Lavallee Who Celebrated Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

(Langley, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) President Keith Henry and a number of the board members attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Maxine and Phil Lavallee this past weekend on Saturday, October 8th in Langley. Maxine and Phil Lavallee are well known in the Métis community and are the parents of Waceya Métis Society President Allan Lavallee. Maxine and Phil have become members of the BCMF and have maintained a positive message as their family tries to better understand the Métis Nation and what is best for the future.

The 50th wedding anniversary was attended by their Métis family from Saskatchewan, Alberta, and many parts of British Columbia. There was well over 250 friends and family members in attendance and the event celebrated Métis culture and brought family together in such a strong and proud fashion.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “It was an honor to attend and celebrate such a major milestone for Phil and Maxine. They have a beautiful family and the evening was a success. So few people today are married for 50 years and to see their true love and continued support is inspiring.”

BCMF President Keith Henry added; “As many of us know these events also reunite our families in other ways. Many of the Lavallee’s and McKay’s, that is Maxine’s maiden name, have strong connections to my own family that I was unaware of. At this anniversary celebration I met other second and third cousins who drove from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to celebrate this achievement. Many of our members from BCMF felt like we were home.”

BCMF President Keith Henry further added; “We as Métis people and communities need to get back to this place of family and harmony. I left the anniversary celebration inspired by Maxine and Phil and wishing that future gatherings in BC reunite our communities once again. BCMF and our members want unity based on respect and cultural pride, sure we can have differences but in the end we are all family and we cannot lose sight of this. BCMF is planning a community cultural celebration in November and we hope everyone will put aside differences and start to reunite.”

BCMF President Keith Henry concluded: “On behalf of the BCMF board and our members we wish Maxine and Phil our sincere appreciation for allowing a number of us to attend and be a part of their family to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We also wish them many more years together in happiness and good health.”

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