BCMF Demands Justice for Colton – Dark Day in Canada

Vancouver, BC – BC Métis Federation leadership has joined the chorus of Indigenous leadership across Canada condemning the acquittal of Mr. Stanley in the Colton Boushie case from Saskatchewan ruled this past Friday.

BC Métis Federation Secretary Joe Desjarlais attended a rally in Vancouver this weekend (Saturday) held at the CBC building in support of Colton Boushie’s family. There were hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in attendance. The anger and frustration was evident in the speeches and comments demanding justice of Colton. Some words spoken included:

  • “What happened to Colton is a symptom of colonialism”
  • “I have no respect for Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister), for Jody Federal Justice Minister), it’s just words…”
  • “For every Indigenous person we bury we lose the future and it keeps on happening”

This protest was significant in that this took place in front of the CBC media establishment. The initial responses from politicians and the silence and complicity of Canadian media gatekeepers amount to a ‘pattern of denial’ and whitewashing the idea that race continues to shape our everyday realities, and that it is embedded into the Canadian institutional formation and social relations, that this pattern of denial is part of the actual structure of racism.

BC Métis Federation Secretary Desjarlais stated, “the event was powerful and personally unsettling as I have children of similar age.” BC Métis Federation Secretary Desjarlais added, “this is wrong and it’s clear to all that many Canadians are calling out white supremacy and colonialism and that Prime Minister Trudeau must change his approach toward First Nations, Metis and Inuit.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “This case illustrates why the fight for Indigenous rights, including the Métis, is so important. While we hear talk of reconciliation these cases go on and once again we see how killing an Indigenous youth was somehow justified in Canada. This is a tragic and dark day to thousands of people trying to support reconciliation. BC Métis Federation is demanding justice for Colton and his family.”

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