BCMF Legal Update on Case of SS

The next step in the proceedings will be for the Court to hear the foster parents’ motions to keep SS in their care on an interim basis until the appeals are heard and for an order that the appeal of the Court’s decision to dismiss the first petition and its recent decision to strike the second petition be combined into one. The Court will hear these motions on Monday.

The Ministry has agreed not to remove SS from her foster parents’ care until the Court has made a decision on the motions. The Court will not hear or decide the appeals themselves on Monday. The appeals will be heard at a later date which will be determined by the Court.

At this time, BCMF will continue to prepare its intervention application for the appeals. However, BCMF will need to wait to file the application itself until after a decision on the foster parents’ motions to consolidate the appeals. We also have an opportunity to review the arguments that the foster parents are relying on.

In the interim, BCMF has requested the foster family’s lawyer Mr. Jack Hittrich to advise the Court on Monday that BCMF intends to apply to intervene in the matter as soon as possible.

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