BCMF President Keith Henry invites the Ministry of Health to expand their engagement to include all Metis in B.C.

Last week, a new report was released by the Ministry of Health, with the tagline “A vision for the future of the health of Métis People in B.C.”

The report was created in partnership with Metis Nation BC and the office of the Provincial Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry.  When he became aware of the report, BCMF President, Keith Henry was dismayed. Once again, we see government officials working closely with MNBC and claiming results and opinions on behalf of all Metis in B.C. We know that this narrative is dangerous and harmful, not only to our members but to the thousands of Metis in British Columbia that do not affiliate with MNBC.  This is especially disheartening since he spoke to Dr Henry’s team just last year regarding vaccine access for all Metis in B.C. and she was made aware of these nuances at that time.

As such, President Henry has written this letter to urge Dr Henry to look beyond MNBC and expand her view of Metis to be more inclusive. “I understand that there are many aspects to Metis identity that may be overlooked by someone who is unfamiliar. We are not all the same, we do not all speak the same dialect, and we are not all represented by one governing body. I look forward to hearing from Dr Henry and working towards a more collaborative future between BCMF and the Ministry of Health in this Province.”

To view the letter written by President Henry, click here.

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