BCMF President Keith Henry in ongoing discussions with Superintendent Rhonda Nixon

On February 3rd, Dr Nixon responded to a letter sent earlier this week by President Henry informing Dr Nixon of her duty to include Metis students and families in her District’s programming and communications.  In her response, Dr Nixon admitted that her omission of Metis students and families was regretful and expressed remorse for the oversight. Dr Nixon went on to say that she “works closely with the Aboriginal Education Council including a representative of Two Rivers Métis Society. Please accept my deepest commitment to you and the BC Métis Federation and to all Métis partners locally and globally and to all Métis families and communities within and beyond our district.”

While President Henry appreciates that Dr Nixon may mean well, her current engagement is inadequate. President Henry responded in a follow-up letter “that there is more than one Metis representative organization in BC and while Two Rivers is one local Metis organization, they do not reflect the needs of our students.

Our issue was raised because BC Metis Federation card-carrying Metis families were upset and asked our leadership to address it.  They have absolutely no connection to Two Rivers and I ask for your appreciation of the diversity within your student body of the various dynamics.  I encourage the education to respect the diversity of Metis voices and reach further to be inclusive.” This follow-up letter was sent to Dr Nixon yesterday.

***Update as of February 4th, 2022***

BCMF is pleased that the correspondence has led to Dr Nixon agreeing to engage with BC Metis Federation’s project team members “to determine how best to work together and ensure that our Métis families and students are recognized and cared for appropriately. Nixon added, “I seek to work with all partners, parents, and associations in our local community and beyond. I hope that through further dialogue we can get to know each other better and that our teams will work together and learn from each other in this journey in Truth and Reconciliation.”

President Henry stated, “I am pleased with this outcome and look forward to meeting, and working with Superintendent Nixon moving forward.”  Superintendent Nixon is presenting the issue to her board, and that memo is available here.


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