BCMF Puts Truth and Reconciliation into Action with “Métis in BC” Campaign

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Vancouver, British Columbia, October 17, 2023 — BC Métis Federation (BCMF) is proud to announce the launch of its “Métis in BC” campaign, a public education campaign designed to inform British Columbians about the rich and storied history of Métis People in the province.

The province-wide advertising campaign, which launched last week, includes engaging radio, newspaper, elevator, and social media ads. The campaign will run for four weeks and each week of the campaign has a different thematic focus with the goal of communicating four basic facts about Métis in BC:

  • Métis are one of the three Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  • Some Métis children were sent to residential schools alongside First Nations children
  • Métis communities were once an integral part of life in the Pacific Northwest
  • Métis in BC have experienced, and continue to experience, systemic anti-Métis racism

The campaign includes the call-to-action for people to “In the spirit of reconciliation, learn more about Métis in BC”. This links to the first ever Pacific Northwest Métis Story Map, which is an interactive webpage that gives detailed historical information about the presence and experience of Métis People in BC. As well, the campaign includes a quiz contest where participants can enter to win one of four Métis tourism prize packages.

“BCMF has worked tirelessly to craft compelling and informative messaging to highlight the importance of Métis culture and history. We’re excited to launch the Métis in BC campaign to spread awareness and put truth and reconciliation into action,” said Keith Henry, BCMF President. “We’re also pleased to work in partnership with the Métis tourism operators to highlight and promote their businesses.”

To view the Pacific Northwest Story Map, visit StoryMap.BCMetis.com

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