BCMF Research Team building relationships with UBC Okanagan and the Métis Association of Central Okanagan

The BC Métis Federation Research team was graciously welcomed into the Kelowna community the last week of May for a combined event. The local researchers and team members were invited by the UBC Okanagan Archives and Library to an introductory session and our researchers and team conducted research in the archives and library. On the final evening, the team had a dinner event with representatives from the Métis Association of Central Okanagan to share project information.

From the first day in the archive and library the entire research team felt welcomed by UBC staff members Paige and Christian, and it was an amazing experience for our team and local researchers to gain first hand experience and support by staff at a regional archive supporting project work. 

On the final evening the Director of Research introduced the project team at a dinner event with members from the Métis Association of Central Okanagan. The team shared the MTIP project and Métis at Home Capacity project and invited people to ask questions about the work and methodology.

Director of Research Joe Desjarlais concluded, “ I want to thank local researcher Diann Kehler and MACO leaders Greg and Peggy for welcoming our team to Kelowna! Our relational methodology is clear in our work. We continually ask, how does this capacity work ensure accountability to and a relationship with the local Métis community? How do these knowledge partnerships affirm the sustainability and self determination and well being of the Kelowna Métis community?”

The goal is for the Kelowna Métis community and their local knowledge and voices to contribute to reconciliation and change the narrative, to be full active partners in topics like housing and homelessness.

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