Call To Action – Need Your Input on Youth Project

BC Métis Federation is seeking members input from Métis youth aged 15-24 to test!

Their feedback is absolutely critical to ensuring that this tool is relevant to them. The attached letter provides details, and is attached for distribution.

BC Métis Federation also asks for all members input and appreciates your feedback.

All you have to do is log into the tool. It’s easy!

  1. go to, look around.
  2. click on “search resources”
  3. click on New User
  4. enter your login information – no, we don’t collect person info
  5. look around, fill out the surveys that appear when you click “Print” and “Log off” as well as the registration survey that appears in your mailbox after registration.

The survey does not take long.

This is TIME SENSITIVE and BC Métis Federation wants to get as much feedback about the tool by next week from youth 15-24 as well as general membership.

Click here to link to

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Click here to review the MyVoyageur youth engagement letter.[/ilink]

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Click here to review the MyVoyageur general engagement letter.[/ilink]

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