Call to Métis Business Owners

The BC Métis Federation is calling on all Métis business owners to register with our business directory at or email Shauna Collister at As an organization, the BC Métis Federation wants to ensure that we do everything possible to help our families and communities grow and prosper as British Columbia enters into a time of growth and expansion in all economic sectors.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out our “new and improved” business directory form which will allow us to assist you in advancing your business and make sure that Métis people and businesses are at the forefront of procurement and business opportunities throughout British Columbia. There is no fee to register with the directory.

Why is this important? The BC Métis Federation is working to identity and secure economic opportunities for you, your families and communities. Now is the time to act. Let us, the Métis people show British Columbians, that we have great resources to offer and let the BC Métis Federation and the Métis economic development corporation assist you in marketing and promotion for you!

Register your business now at:

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