Canada-China Foundation For The Promotion of International Trade

Canada-China Trade Foundation and BC Metis Federation

BC Metis Federation is pleased to annouce a new agreement signed with the Canada-China Trade Foundation this past weekend.  This is another sign or continued BC Metis Federation progress.

The BC Métis Federation was formed in June 2011 to support the cultural, socio-economic, and rights needs for Métis people in BC. The BC Métis Federation has a vision to ensure Métis cultural and programming supports a healthy and prosperous Métis community in BC.
And Whereas:
The Canada-China Foundation for the Promotion of International Trade and Cultural Development was incorporated in September of 2003 under the Society’s Act of the Province of British Columbia. The mission of Canada- China Foundation is to promote international trade and cultural development between citizens of Canada and China.
And Whereas:
The BCMF and Canada-China Foundation understand the importance or supporting one another’s mandate and vision.
And Whereas:
A collaborative approach to support Métis trade and cultural programming needs for Métis people throughout BC is required to increase economic development and cultural awareness.

In recognition of common interests and as an expression of the desire and intent to expand and strengthen the relationships developed between the organizations, THE PARTIES hereby declare their intention to work collaboratively for the betterment of Métis economic development and cultural programming.

  • The parties will seek to work together in the following areas:
  • Recognize the legitimate representation of each organization;
  • Discuss tourism opportunities to enhance cultural awareness for the Asian business community and Government officials and visitors from China regarding the Métis people of BC and Canada;
  • Review opportunities for forestry related partnerships; and
  • Support educational/cultural exchange opportunities between the Province of British Columbia and China.

This Memorandum of Understanding comes into effect on signing. It may be terminated by either party with a minimum of 30 days written notice.
Signed this ______ day of ________________ at ___________________, in the Province of British Columbia.

BC Métis Federation Canada-China Foundation for the Promotion of International Trade and Cultural Development

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