Canadian Minister Slams Enbridge, Casts Doubt on Northern Gateway Pipeline Plan

More controversy follows the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project. This past Friday the Federal Government Heritage Minister slammed Enbridge for their poor environmental record and putting the Enbridge project in doubt.

The BC Métis Federation is pleased to hear these comments from within the ranks of the the Federal Government where the Prime Minister has been steadfast in his support regardless of any potential environmental risk. Today the large majority of Métis people in BC are opposed to this project the the Heritage Minister is from a BC riding and despite his parties ambitions, likely fears the growing opposition within in his own constituency on this issue which likely spurred his strong comments.

The BC Métis Federation will have their letter of comment being submitted to the current Joint Review Panel process for public viewing this week to further inform the regulatory process.

[ilink url=””]Click here to read a Reuters news article regarding Heritage Minister James Moore’s comments about the Enbridge project.[/ilink]



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