CBC Opportunity New Reality Show Coming Soon

BC Metis Federation is sharing a press release from CBC after their offices made contact to spread the word about a new series.

Do you have a piece of art or memorabilia that could be worth big money? If so, you could make the deal of a lifetime on CBC’s new reality show FOUR ROOMS. CBC producers are on the hunt for Canadians looking to sell their family heirlooms and one-of-a-kind collections to four of Canada’s top art, antique and memorabilia buyers. These shrewd negotiators stop at nothing in their quest to purchase valuable, unusual or maybe even macabre items. They wheel and deal in four distinctive rooms, and are ready to spend serious money, should the right items come through their doors.

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/CBC-FOUR-ROOMS-Press-Release.pdf” style=”download”]CBC FOUR ROOMS Press Release[/ilink]
[ilink url=”http://www.cbc.ca/fourrooms/” style=”download”]CBC FOUR ROOMS Website[/ilink]

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