Citizenship and Immigration Survey on Métis

The BC Métis Federation sent a letter today to to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration following our original July 18th correspondence about a survey for immigrants which BC Métis Federation found is factually and historically incorrect which leads to incorrect education to hundreds of thousand of new Canadians each year.

The Federal Government sent an email response from department officials to the BC Métis Federation July 29th, 2014 which raised further concerns. The BC Métis Federation appreciated the response but the Government of Canada response only provides more evidence of the inaccurate historical context of our Métis people in Canada being perpetuated.

The BC Métis Federation sent the attached letter in response in the hopes that this matter will continue to be seriously reviewed and corrected regarding this education which is factually and historically inaccurate.

Ultimately the BC Métis Federation wants to have the survey question removed without delay and find a productive way forward.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Letter to Minister Alexander July 31, 2014[/ilink]

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