CLOSED – Development Corporation Board Member Applications

The application process is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who submitted applications.

Board Selection Criteria for the BCMF Corporation – Position Description

The following guidelines will be used to evaluate proposed Board nominees:

A proposed nominee must:

  1. Understand the mandate and vision of the BCMF and the purpose and mandate of the Corporation as it relates to the Federation;
  2. Demonstrate the ability to bring a perspective of external business, finance, Aboriginal and Métis Specific issues to board deliberations;
  3. In a member, honorary member or associate member of the BC Métis Federation or willing to become a member or associate member.
  4. Have an understanding of corporate governance and the fiduciary duties, roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors including the willingness to ask questions of the company’s management within the governance framework;
  5. Commit to regular attendance at Board/committee meetings and to full preparedness and willingness to contribute to meeting discussions and content;
  6. Understand the importance of Métis culture when providing direction to management and in Board discussions and deliberation;
  7. Demonstrate leadership and be an effective communicator;
  8. Uphold the values of teamwork demonstrating the ability to operate as “ a team” at the Board level and to “speak with one voice” once full discussion has been undertaken and a decision is made by the Board;
  9. Demonstrate personal integrity, financial stability and high ethical standards;
  10. Be willing to commit to continuous learning and undertake Board training and Métis cultural orientation; and
  11. Have the ability to understand and assess implications of financial statements and auditors reports (if applicable).

Competencies applicable to BCMF Corporation

Core competency areas applicable to the inaugural Board of Directors that will be used to consider potential candidates includes (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Sector related business experience in the areas where the majority of Métis entrepreneurs have the capacity and/or potential to offer related supply chain services (supply chain refers to companies that provide products and/or services to fulfill, for example, the process of building a pipeline) and/or products to pipeline companies, drilling operations, and processors (e.g. LNG plants);
  2. Have strategic network connections within industry including but not limited to the oil, gas, energy/Hydro connections;
  3. An individual who has an knowledge of Métis culture and heritage and understands how Métis culture can be weaved into the Corporation creating cultural/corporate integrity;

Charter of Board of Directors for BCMF Corporation

This Charter sets out the following:

  • Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors (Board);
  • Position description for Directors;
  • Position description for the Chair of the Board (Chair);
  • Position description for Chairs of Board Committees; and
  • Corporate governance practices and policies that apply to the Board.

I. Mission

The mission of the Board is to be a strategic asset of the company, measured by the effective execution of its overall stewardship role and the contribution the Directors make – individually and collectively – to the long-term success of the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation.

II. Membership

It was determined by the BC Métis Federation that there would be a total of 5 Directors for the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation. Each Director shall possess the attributes set out in the Position Description for Directors. In addition, a majority of the Directors must meet the independence requirements set out in the Director Independence Policy.

III. Structure and Operations

A schedule of regular Board and Committee meetings will be agreed upon by the Board and circulated to the Directors prior to the commencement of a calendar year. Confirmation of the date, time and place of regular meetings will be sent to the Directors approximately three weeks in advance of regularly scheduled meetings. Special meetings may be called with 24 hours’ notice.

A quorum at any meeting of the Board shall be a majority of Directors and meetings must be constituted so that the resident Canadian requirements of the Insurance Companies Act (Canada) are met. At each meeting of the Board, the independent Directors will meet privately.

On an annual basis, the Board will review this Charter and its Annual Strategic Plan and approve changes as necessary.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation

The Board is responsible for supervising the management of the business and affairs of the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation. The Board performs the following overall stewardship responsibilities either directly or through its subcommittees. The Board outlines matters that require Board approval and those that are delegated to management.

Application Requirements

If you are interested in a BC Métis Federation please provide a cover letter outlining your interest and resume to the attention of Keith Henry, President, BC Métis Federation.

Applicants can send cover letter and resume via email ( or mail. The mailing address is:

BC Métis Federation
300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2

Deadline for Applications – May 5th, 2015

All applications must be received either by email, mail or fax by 4:00 PM PST on May 5th. The BC Métis Federation board of directors is preparing to review all applicants shortly thereafter and Is seeking to complete the appointments and final steps to establish the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation board on a timely basis.


There is no wage associated with the board appointment but honorarium and travel expenses will be provided. Therefore BC Métis Federation is encouraging applications from throughout British Columbia to join this exciting initiative.

For More information and to review the BC Métis Federation Development Corporation business plan please go to

The BC Métis Federation board of directors thanks interested applicants in advance for their interest.

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